Welcome to Natural-Living

Welcome to my website and social media platforms.

Let’s get healthy…

Easier said than done… or is it?

Step no 1, starting with your mindset. Decide why you want to live a healthy life.

My two personal reasons will be:

  1. I want more energy to do more and live a full life every day. I want to wake up with so much energy and by the end of the day be so tired with everything I achieved that I can fall asleep within seconds.
  2. I want to be happy and I want everybody around me to be happy. It is amazing how an unhappy or happy person can influence the people around them. The ripple effect is astonishing.

Natural-living is dedicated to looking at all possible opportunities to improve not only our personal lives but also the people we love and our environment. By taking small steps and with a great attitude we can reach this goal.

Natural-living has partnered with a few product and service providers to help us reach these goals.

Please use the links on my social media and website, so that these partners can see that I am doing my work…lol

Currently, our first active partner is Naturalwise. They have great products to help you improve your lifestyle.

Product of the week is the Excalibur Dehydrator – 4 tray mini.

Not only can you dry fruits, fruit leathers, veg crisps, and snacks, but you can also make pet foods, dried herbs, stock powders, and teas. Doesn’t this just sound fantastic? You can buy fresh food when in season and dry them to have on hand all year round.

The other partners (links not active yet) include Coach Parry, Faithful to Nature, The Health Nut, and Master Health Products.

I am so excited about the absolutely fantastic natural and organic products they have to offer.

The following pages will be added to our website soon, UCook, Cape Coffee Beans, Natural Life, and Eco Depot.

Please let me know should you need anything specific, I will source it for you.

Daphne Smit